Model Seats Km
Chevrolet Bolt 5 383mi $37,495
Volkswagen e-Golf 5 300km 39.540
Ford Focus Electric 5 115mi $29,120
BMW i3 4 300km 40.412
Hyundai IONIQ 4 280km 33.995
Nissan Leaf Acenta 5 378km 36.890
Tesla Model S 75D km 87.120
Tesla Model X 75D km 93.870
Kia Soul 5 111km $33,950
Renault Zoe 4 300km 32.890

Welcome to the electric cars comparison website!

Data current for 2018

Electric cars can be difficult to compare as the market is still new and many people are unfamiliar with the most relevant data points.

The range of an electric car is its most important feature, and while most manufacturers try to be clear (Renault's Zoe website has a very nice range calculator), others are less transparent. This website is an attempt to pinpoint the three most important features of an electric vehicle in an easy to read table so buyers know exactly what they're getting and for how much, and to allow an easy comparison with other electric vehicles.

What this website is not: electric cars in this table are for sale today. Promised cars with unbelievable ranges or insane charging speeds that are still in R&D will not be included. All manufacturers will be treated equally here, from Audi to Tesla!